A La Carte


Minestrone Di Verdure (V) (GF) (9) €7,95

Fresh organic vegeteable soup

Vitello Tonnato alla Piemontese (GF) (3,7) €10,95

Slices veal with a delicate mayonnaise tuna sauce and capers from

Pantelleria Island

Gamberi al Balsamico e Fragole (GF) (2,7) €10,95

Prawns and leeks with balsamic vinegar and strawberries

Insalata Rucola e Parmigiano (GF) (7) €9,95

Rocket salad with shaved Parmesan cheese bacon and reduction balsamic vinegar

Fois gras (7,8,9) €14,95

Pan fried foie gras with Martini sauce, celery, piedmontese hazelnut and

gorgonzola mousse

Scamorza e pancetta (GF) (7) €9,95

Char grilled scamorza cheese wrapped with Italian bacon

served on peppers veloute’

Cannolo al  Basilico (V) (1,7,8) €9,95

Salted Cannoli with basil filled with artichokes puree chopped pistachios

and ricotta cheese saffron served and  cauliflower veloute’



Pappardelle al Ragù di Cervo (1,3,7,9,12) €16,95

Homemade Pappardelle pasta with venison ragout and Barbera wine reduction.

Tagliolini alla gallinella (1,2,3,4,7,12) €18,95

Tagliolini pasta with fresh red gurnard , cherry tomato and olives

 Paccheri alla Rana Pescatrice (1,2,3,4,7,12) €17,95

Paccheri pasta with fresh monkfish garlic extra virgin olive oil white wine in

light cherry tomato sauce.

Ravioli ricotta e spinaci (V) (1,3,7,12) €17,95

Homemade ravioli filled with ricotta cheese and spinach with butter

prosecco chili and chestnut honey

Risotto rosa (2,4,7,12) €18,95

Carnaroli rice with fresh prawns,spumante and lumpfish roe

Cannelloni (1,3,7,9,12) €15,95

Traditional Italian tube pasta filled with bolognese sauce

bechamel and parmesan cheese


Anatra all’aranci0 (7,11,12) €23,95

Barbarian duck, breast baked oven in sesame seeds with balsamic

and orange reduction served with broccoli sauted

Scaloppine di Vitella (1,7) €23,95

Pan fried milk feal veal escalope with peppers and fresh chili served

with baby roasted potatoes

 Rib Eye Steak di Fassona (1,7) €26,95

Rib Eye di Fassone beef grilled served with roast potatoes

and pepper sauce on the side (low fat beef recommended rare to medium)

 Rana Pescatrice in Crosta (2,4,7,8) €23,95

Monkfish in poppy seeds crust and saffron sauce served

with french green beans



     Affogato €6,95
Italian vanilla ice cream bathed in espresso coffee

Gelato Misto €6,95
Selection of Italian ice cream

Tiramisù €6,95
Homemade drawned finger biscuits in coffee, mascarpone

and creamy egg sauce

Tagliere di Formaggi €9,95
Selection of Italian cheeses (5 different Italian cheeses)

served with crackers and honey and grapes

Panna cotta al basilico €6,95

Homemade basil panna cotta served with fresh strawberries sauce

Torta alla ricotta €6,95

Sponge cake dipped in ornage sauce, ricotta and salted caramello

Dessert of the day €7,95
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Espresso Macchiato
Cappuccino / Caffelatte
Doppio Espresso
Regular Coffee
Irish Coffee / Baileys Coffee / French Coffee